5 Dangerous Side Effects of Western Medicine in Diabetes Treatment

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Medicine is more and more developing, Western medicines have become popular with many people. However, besides the outstanding advantages of Western medicine, there are some side effects when often using. Typically, the disease with the highest incidence today is called diabetes. So what are the side effects of Western medicine when treating diabetes?

side effects of western medicine

1. Western medicine causes a sudden drop in blood sugar

Reducing blood sugar is the most important use of diabetic medicine. However, in some cases due to improper use or unreasonable diet causes excessive sugar reduction. This can cause people to fall into a coma, even lose their lives.

To avoid this situation, patients should follow the instructions, the dosage of the doctor. In particular, it is strictly forbidden to buy drugs at home which often brings a lot of serious consequences. In addition, patients also need to make a reasonable menu for diabetics to not fall into a state of malnutrition, unable to meet the dosage of the drug.

drop down blood sugar suddenly

2. Western medicine affects the liver and kidneys badly

The liver is a metabolic organ, the kidney is a detox organ. Therefore, the use of any medicine will directly affect these two parts. When using too much medicine, the liver and kidney will suffer many unwanted effects that damage the function of these two organs. Over time, people with diabetes may develop additional liver and kidney diseases.

Besides, once the above effects appear, it proves that the mechanism of action of the liver and kidney is no longer effective. This causes the body's detoxification to stagnate, and some non-metabolized drugs accumulate in the body. If the situation occurs, it is necessary to immediately seek medical attention to take timely preventive measures.

3. Diabetes medication causes allergies

A side effect of medications that cannot be underestimated in diabetes is allergies. Mild cases will appear in skin inflammation, redness, urticaria, etc. However, patients often overlook this sign or confuse with other skin diseases, making the intervention delayed. Severe cases can cause reaction shock leading to death, so you need to pay special attention.

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Usually, people with this symptom have a history of previous allergies or due to improper medication use. Therefore, to avoid this situation, you need to inform your doctor accurately and fully if you've ever had any allergies or medications. In addition, when signs of an allergic reaction appear, stop taking the medicine and go to health facilities to check.

4. Diabetes medicine causes diarrhea 

Some types of diabetes medicine products can cause digestive disorders such as metformin - Glucophage.  In this case, the patient feels bloated or has diarrhea. To remedy this situation, patients can use the drug at a lower dose. However, if there is still a feeling of bloating or diarrhea is more complicated, they must stop immediately and go to the medical facility.

In addition, bloating is a common disease, common in many people. Therefore, while using diabetes medication, patients should establish a reasonable diet to avoid confusion if side effects occur. This also contributes to helping patients increase treatment effects and improve better health.

5. Western medicine causes drug-resistant

Although diabetes is not terminally ill, it is difficult to treat and the risk of becoming chronic is high. Usually, people with diabetes have to be treated for a very long time. However, the use of the drug for too long will cause an oily condition that means the drug no longer works in the treatment.

People who are greasy will have to use higher doses or stronger medications. This is not good for the health of patients and especially the organ performing detoxification functions such as liver and kidney. Therefore, besides using drugs, specialists always advise patients to combine measures to abstain from praising and exercising.

Side effects of Western medicine when treating diabetes can sometimes cause health risks, even your life. Therefore, patients should pay close attention to the symptoms mentioned above to prevent them in the most timely manner. Besides using the medicine, patients can combine oriental medicine, care about nutrition, exercise regularly to be more effective.

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