6 Common Symptoms of Diabetes

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Diabetes is a long-standing disease; but especially developing in recent years, the disease increases rapidly according to the pace of socio-economic development. In 1994, there were 110 million people with diabetes worldwide, in 1995 increased to 135 million (4% of the world's population). Estimated by the International Diabetes Federation (IDF) the number of people with diabetes in 2010 was 246 million people, in 2014 it was 422 million people, the growth rate of diabetes is 55% per year. It is expected that the number of people with diabetes will increase to 642 million by 2040. In addition, the incidence of diabetes in younger people is gradually increasing. However, not everyone knows that they are in diabetes so they can plan for proper treatment and care.

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However, knowing a few suspicious signs of diabetes is necessary so that you know when you should see a doctor diagnose diabetes as soon as possible. Mudaru would like to give some of the most noticeable signs of diabetes for your quick reference and make a decision to see your doctor when necessary.

What are the symptoms of diabetes?

1. Constantly thirsty

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You are thirsty and drink quite a lot but your thirst is still there. Why? That's because when your blood sugar rises, your body automatically separates the water contained in the cells and pumps it directly into the bloodstream to dilute the excess sugar. The lack of water in the cells will stimulate the brain causing thirst without stopping.

2. Urinate many times a day
If the number of times you urinate during the day is more than 7 times, you may have diabetes. This is because your body wants to eliminate excess sugar, the kidneys become stronger, so they urinate more.

3. Unusual weight loss
Our bodies are like a machine - the body needs fuel to function. And the main fuel for the body is sugar (glucose). Losing weight due to loss of glucose through urine. Diabetes makes it impossible for the body to convert energy from food, it is forced to draw energy from fat and muscles. Lack of insulin leads to a reduction in protein and fat synthesis, an increase in protein digestion, and fat loss will inevitably lead to weight loss. In this case, remember to check the body immediately.

4. Hungry and tired

When your body is unable to absorb the amount of sugar needed in the blood to release energy due to a lack of insulin, sugar will be stored in excess and left the body. Therefore, the demand for food to get more energy of the body will increase to compensate for the missing energy, leading to frequent hunger and fatigue.

5. Ease of infection and fungal infection
High blood sugar and the immune system (the body's own defense mechanism) are inhibited, reducing the body's resistance, leading to susceptibility to infections and fungi. Therefore, people with diabetes often feel itchy on the body, especially in the genitals.

6. Weak eyesight
High blood sugar destroys capillaries in the fundamentals leading to bleeding, edema and edema in the macula will reduce vision even though you have not had eye problems before.

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In addition, other symptoms such as slow healing of wounds or numbness in the limbs or tingling sensations such as crawling ants can also be a sign of diabetes. However, in some cases, even though your body has not shown any abnormalities, you may still have diabetes. Therefore, you should have a regular health examination, combined with a balanced diet and proper exercise to prevent diabetes today.

Some people may have diabetes for months or even years without realizing they are sick because the signs may appear insignificantly. Do not rely on your subjective feelings, but on your glycemic index during regular health exams.

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