Distinguishing between Forest Bitter Melon and Bitter Melon

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Forest bitter melon is a valuable medicinal herb in the traditional medicine, often growing wild in mountainous areas. At present, there are many places planting Forest bitter melon rampant, lack of planning and often mixed with bitter melon, to cross-pollinate, to increase productivity. 

The result is creating Forest bitter melon crossbred loses many characteristics of Forest bitter melon thoroughbred. So how to distinguish Forest bitter melon crossbred and Forest bitter melon thoroughbred ?

bitter melon 1

(Bitter melon)

Previously this kind of bitter melon grew in the forest, but due to the need for food and healing, Forest bitter melon was gradually brought to the city by propagation to supply the market. The restaurants like big fruits for meat stuffing easy to make, plus the psychology of Vietnamese who like big beautiful models, so they did not know that some of the medicinal properties of Forest bitter melon were lost.

forest bitter melon seed 1

(Forest bitter melon)

Forest bitter melon thoroughbred: The fruit is only about the size of the thumb or very big as the tip of the big toe of adult, short, slightly round and has many dark green spines. While bitter melon is often large, thorny transformed into flat, brighter colors than Forest bitter melon.

Forest bitter melon crossbred 1

(Forest bitter melon crossbred)

Forest bitter melon crossbred is a bit of Forest bitter melon, but thorns also gradually degenerate, so it looks like bitter melon. The color is not as dark as Forest bitter melon.

Source: TNB Vietnam