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Why do I sudden drop in blood pressure when drinking Mudaru tea?

In case of an overdose, you should reduce the dose so as not to cause excessive drop in blood pressure safely. If your client's blood pressure is low: he/she should take 1 table/time and 2 times a day, combining physical activity and lifestyle changes such as limiting salt, drinking alcohol and smoking.

In case the dose is at the lowest level: if you take the antihypertensive drug, you should stop using the antihypertensive drug because Mudaru is extracted from nature and clean materials, it is safer and has no side effects like Western medicine.

In case of using tea products: you can dilute it to use instead of drinking water during the day. Besides lowering blood pressure, Mudaru Forest Bitter Melon tea has many good effects such as: Detoxify the liver, reduce blood fatsand help sleep well, increase resistance. In addition, new studies show that bitter melon is also effective in preventing cancer.

I have finished all 3 boxes of 90 capsules but still not effective?

Hypertension and diabetes are endocrine and metabolic diseases, a disease that cannot be completely cured due to certain problems in the body or the aging of the body. Therefore, the product only works to keep blood pressure and blood sugar at a safe level and prevent the adverse events caused by the disease.

In case you use products that support body, besides using the recommended dosage, you should combine with a healthy diet, especially supplements like fiber and fruits. In addition, you need to have a suitable movement regime to avoid sagging skin and moisture imbalance.

Does drinking tea have a stomachache?

According to many studies, Forest Bitter Melon not only support hypoglycemia, hypotension but also anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, kill HP bacteria and heal mucosal ulcers. Because the Forest Bitter Melon increases the digestive secretion, therefore, using tea on an empty stomach will cause stomach pain. You should use tea after meals and can be diluted with a slightly weak stomach.

Why does drinking tea make me urinate at night many times?

Mudaru bitter melon tea helps to detoxify and eliminate toxins in the body by many mechanisms, including stimulating urinary excretion. In addition, the body will focus on eliminating toxins at night, so it will cause urination, especially when drinking tea in the evening.

forest bitter melon seed 1

Mudaru Forest Bitter Melon tea help to detoxify and diuretic

Is Forest Bitter Melon tea safe during pregnancy?

Mudaru Forest Bitter Melon tea works to lower blood sugar, pregnancy women still can use it. In addition, Mudaru products also has many beneficial effects on health such as purifying the body, detoxifying the liver, reducing blood fat, helping sleep well, increasing resistance. However, it is cool, so during the period of breastfeeding, you should not use it.

My son is still young but he’s obese, can he use the Forest Bitter Melon tea?

Mudaru bitter melon products help reduce blood fat and help weight loss, also help reduce the risks and adverse complications caused by obesity. Therefore, Mudaru bitter melon products will be very suitable for children in losing weight and reducing blood fat. In addition, children should limit sweet foods and increase physical activity for the body to develop comprehensively.

How many tea boxes or how many capsules do I have to take to stabilize blood pressure?

In case of high blood pressure: for Mudaru Forest Bitter Melon tea products, you should use 1 filter bag/time and 2 times/day, the course of use is about 3 months, equivalent to 4 tea boxes (each box of 50 tea packages).

For Mudaru capsule products, you should use a dose of 2 capsules / time and 2 times / day, using a 3 month course eauivalent 4 capsules boxes (each of 90 capsules).

The case of blood pressure is not very high: for Mudaru Forest Bitter Melon tea, you should use 1 tea bag / time / day, the process of using about 3 months, equivalent to about 2 boxes (each box of 50 packages). For Mudaru capsule products, you should use 1-2 capsules/2 times/ day, the course of treatment for about 3 months, equivalent to 2-4 capsules boxes (each box is 90 capsules).

Why does a capsule box so expensive?

There are 90 capsules in a capsule box, priced at 360,000 VND, which is enough for a whole month, if compared to other treatment products that are still much lower. The product is not only used to treat diseases but also brings many beneficial effects such as purifying the body, detoxifying the liver, reducing blood fat, helping to sleep well, increasing resistance, helping to prevent cancer.

Is this Mudaru tea bitter?

Mudaru Forest Bitter Melon tea has a slightly bitter, sweet aftertaste that feels good to drink. In addition, Mudaru tea contains 0.2g of stevia that does not sour the mouth after drinking. You can dilute with water to use during a day.

Can I take it with diabetes medicine? Can I take it with other medicines?

There are currently no studies showing adverse interactions when taking Mudaru products with diabetes medication, however you should not use them together at the same time to avoid them to avoid having a blood sugar spike that can lead to kissing mesmerizing.

Up to now, the studies have not seen any incompatibility with western medicine or traditional medicine. But ingredients in the bitter melon may increase or decrease the effects of the drug. In addition, according to studies, bitter melon should not be used with some foods such as shrimp, green tea, and mangosteen.

Why should I drink tea after a meal, capsules must be taken before eating?

Each type of Mudaru product, it has different way to use to promote their effects. You should use Mudaru capsule products before eating because this product will promote the effect of reducing the absorption of fat into the blood and avoiding interactions with some foods in the meal. Mudaru Forest Bitter Melon tea should use after meals to avoid stomach problems.

Why does drinking teagives me diarrhoea?

Forest Bitter Melon is cool so as to some people with bad digestive system will have diarrhea when drinking. In addition, some alkaloids in the Forest Bitter Melon will induce an increase in intestinal motility, which can cause diarrhea in some cases.

Can I make it at home to drink?

Mudaru is produced organic standards from farming to manufacturingand. Therefore the products are completely safe. If you make it at home, Forest Bitter Melon will easily cause hook fungus, and do not ensure the quality of product.

kho qua rung 8

Mudaru material area in O Mon district, Can Tho city, Vietnam

How many capsules/tea bag I can use in a day?

Depend on what purpose you want to use, there will have a suitable dose in a day.

In case of purification and detoxification: take 1-2 tea bag/ day, 1 capsule/ 2 times/ day.

In case of treatment: For high blood pressure / high blood sugar, take 2-3 tea bag / day, 2 capsule/ 2 times/ day. If your blood pressure / blood sugar is low then you should use 1-2 tea bag/ day, 1-2 capsules/2 times/day.

What is the difference between tea and capsule? Which one is better?

- Tea: Medicinal herbs collected from the forestbitter melon and powdered, then put into a filter bag. This product is suitable for those who like to drink tea, or purifying the body by tea.

- Capsules are extracted from bitter melon trees, suitable for those who do not like the bitter taste of bitter melon.

Both types of products have the same effect, depending on the taste of each person to choose easier.

Can I take it with sugar or honey?

Mudaru tea can be drunk with honey and sugar, no incompatibility. However, if peole use for diabetic treatment, sugar should not be used to avoid hyperglycemia.

After I have stabilized blood sugar;if I stop, does blood sugar increase again?

After you have used about 3 months, most cases of blood sugar will not increase again. To get the best result, you should maintain the exercise and diet for people with diabetes.

Can low blood pressure people drink?

Mudaru tea works to lower blood pressure, so you should use diluted tea or drink in low doses and monitor your blood pressure frequently to avoid reducing blood pressure so much.

What type of product should I drink to detoxify?

Both types of products have the effect of purifying and detoxifing the body, depending on your preference, you can choose tea products or capsules to drink daily.

Is this product harmful to the liver and kidneys?

There are currently no studies showing that the product is harmful to the liver and kidneys. Mudaru Forest Bitter Melon also detoxifies the liver and has antioxidant for kidneys.

Does this product cause of water retention in body?

These products will not hydrate, products are entirely from nature, so you will be completely assured when used.

How long can I use a box?

Depending on the using purpose, the dosage will vary.

If you purify and detoxify your body, a small box of tea will use about 15 days, a large box of tea will use for 30 days; a box of 30 capsules will use for 15 days, a box of 90 capsules will use for 45 days.

Using for the treatment, the small tea box will use about 10 days, the large tea box will use 20 days, the box of 30 capsules will use about 10 days, and the box of 90 capsules can be used for 30 days.

Should you drink Mudaru tea in the evening?

Mudaru tea can be used in the evening to help with sleep well, however it should be used after meals to avoid stomach ache.

Does Mudaru tea can cure diabetes?

Diabetes is a disease originating from the dysfunction of the pancreas or insulin. The serious cases will not be completely curedbut Mudaru will help reduce complications of diabetes. If the case is mild, the organ functions may be restored and activate better.

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