How to Reduce Blood Cholesterol, Blood Lipids without Medicine?

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Today, because of the hustle and bustle of urban life, the working environment is also extremely diverse, leading to a multitude of foods being born according to industrial needs ... thereby increasing the risk of blood cholesterol. Follow Mudaru to learn ways to effectively reduce blood fat without using drugs.

reduce blood fats without medicine mudaru foreest bitter melon

Reduce blood fat with medication prescribed by your doctor

Lipodystrophy has a number of characteristic signs, but it must be in an intermediate stage of the disease and have a deliberate change to show signs. Therefore, regular health checkups will help us to control and detect in time if the disease is mild. From there, adjust your lifestyle, eat and have the appropriate treatment for people who have been diagnosed with the disease, adhere to the treatment regimen and use medicines as prescribed by the doctor.

This method, patients absolutely should not arbitrarily buy the drug but need the appointment of a specialist.

Reduce blood fat with scientific lifestyle, diet, and exercise

body training mudaru forest bitter melon

Build a positive lifestyle

An unhealthy lifestyle will entail a lot of risk of disease in people, so creating yourself a valuable life, improving your health is extremely valuable. We should minimize stimulants, create good habits such as exercise, reading, limiting social networking, getting enough sleep, controlling stress, spending time with family and relationships, positive thinking…

Build appropriate nutrition

Control the amount of harmful fat in the body by limiting the use of foods high cholesterol. In addition, cholesterol intake should not be excessive.

+ Add more fiber in the diet: the fiber in vegetables, cereals helps reduce bad cholesterol, increase good cholesterol => the risk of atherosclerosis and fatty blood also decreases.

+ Use foods high in fat: often found in soybean oil, peanut oil, vegetable oil, olive oil... these fats also reduce bad cholesterol, increase good cholesterol => good support for the treatment of blood fat.

+ Need to choose foods that contain the right type of protein: researchers have confirmed that protein from fish such as salmon, sardines, herring is very good for people with high cholesterol. Besides, the white meat from chickens and ducks, too.

Build body training

Exercise and sports help you burn excess fat, burn energy and increase resistance, and toughness in each of us. For patients with dyslipidemia, depending on the stage of the disease, there will be different training regimes. However, patients should choose moderate exercise, the average time of about 30 minutes and maintain every day. In addition, the training space must be well ventilated and the weather must be comfortable to create a higher effect.

Patients can reduce blood fat through exercises such as brisk walking, jogging, yoga, cycling... These exercises work to help burn fat and reduce cholesterol-LDL (bad cholesterol) in blood. On the other hand, the benefits of exercise also help the spirit become comfortable in particular and improve health in general. So this is a highly effective method of reducing blood fat.

Control your weight

In overweight and obese people, the risk of dyslipidemia is very high. For people who have a body index exceeding the average frame, it is required to implement healthy weight loss measures. Weight loss must be followed by a diet to avoid overweight, which affects other organs in the body such as the stomach, stomach and muscles.

Reduce blood fat by not using alcohol, tobacco

If the patient often uses tobacco and alcohol, it should be stopped. Tobacco alone will increase bad cholesterol, reduce good cholesterol, making it difficult for the fat in the blood to be eliminated => leading to the accumulation of excess fat. As for alcohol, if drinking moderately will help blood circulation, whereas if you abuse according to pleasure, it will increase total cholesterol, increase blood pressure, damage some other organs such as liver, kidney, stomach.

Reduce blood fat using natural herbs

This approach will help to improve the body in a long and lasting way, often without side effects. These include herbs such as apple apples, lotus leaves, forest bitter melon, green tea, garlic, turmeric...

Grapefruit peel: has bitterness, bitterness, concentration has a blood activating effect, analgesic. There are many uses from grapefruit peel such as shampoo, cough, phlegm, and now many people have used grapefruit peel to treat blood fat by chopping, drying and then lowering gold, bringing cooking water like tea. Grapefruit peel can also be used to soak wine and drink 1 small glass a day. Grapefruit jam is also an option for many people to play and treat.

Lotus leaf: chopped, dried and drank like tea every day will be good for health

mudaru forest bitter melon bitter melon bitter guard

Forest Bitter Melon: is a wild herb with a bitter taste, used as a tea or medicine to treat very effectively for people with diabetes, hypertension, and blood fat. Forest bitter melon currently has forest bitter melon tea and capsules that are convenient for users, both preserving for long time and not processing time. Forest bitter melon tea product is an option that many people believe in.

Garlic: is an indispensable spice in daily meals. Garlic is used to soak vinegar or make black garlic ... both a spice and a medicine to treat the disease

Pumpkin: is a food used for cooking soups, soups, poached.... is a nutritious dish and has the effect of supporting the treatment of blood fats very effectively.

In a nutshell, the above are some basic and easy ways to reduce blood fat, just need to pay attention to your health, persevere with exercise and eat right, and certain desire to reduce blood fat will be at your fingertips.

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