Is it true that drinking tea in the morning before eating with an empty stomach is harmful to our body?

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Never have tea on an empty stomach early in the morning, it is not at all healthy. But still lot of people have a habit of drinking tea early in the morning. First thing to take in the morning is warm water with some lime squeezed.


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Or if you are looking for fat loss then boil water with ginger and then strain the water in a glass. Squeeze a full lime and add a tsp of of honey ( Organic Honey ). Once you are done with water then try to eat a apple everyday in an empty stomach.

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After an hour if you wish you can drink tea ( Mudaru forest bitter melon tea ) if not then you can simply have milk tea with minimal sugar. Don't just drink tea, have it with puffed rice ( Muri ) or two digestive biscuits. But I would suggest to avoid milk tea, if you can't then you take but don't add too much of sugar.

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Now let's talk about the harm of a cup of tea in the morning on a empty stomach.

- Drinking tea on a empty stomach can suppress the secretion of gastric juices and reduces acid in the stomach.

- When you consume tea early morning, the bacteria in your mouth will break down the sugar which leads to increased acid levels in the mouth and this can cause erosion of the enamel in your teeth. It may even cause gingivitis due to excessive bacteria build up.

- Disrupts our metabolic activity.
- Dehydrates our body.
- Leads to bloating.

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Source: TNB Vietnam

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