Is There a Correlation Between Diabetes and Depression?

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Diabetes is already a very serious disease, the risk of death will be doubled when you suffer from depression. Depression in diabetics is ord psychologically ill, a lot of the symptoms of mental illness obscure the symptoms of diabetes.

The doctor will help the doctor to choose the way to treat coal

1. The relationship between diabetes and depression

Depression in diabetics is ord psychologically ill, a lot of the symptoms of mental illness obscure the symptoms of diabetes. Therefore, doctors need to see the early signs of depression in people with diabetes

In fact, patients with diabetes have an increased risk of both depression and vice versa. Depression in diabetics will increase the risk of death double.

For diabetics, controlling blood sugar, a diet is extremely difficult and stressful. Therefore, the risk of depression in diabetes is doubled.

Conversely, depression is also a cause that you do not take care of your health care so much. As such, you will not control your blood sugar, without a scientific diet, making diabetes difficult to control, hyperglycemia and dangerous complications occur.

When you have any mental or psychological problems, you should go to the doctor to talk about the condition, your doctor will be more stable.

2. Causes of depression in diabetics


There are some causes show that you are in depression:

Because oxidative stress occurs when high blood sugar regularly damages nerve cells, causes atherosclerosis, which deprives the brain of nutrients and oxygen.
Controlling sugar levels is compulsory; for every diabetic, this is considered a pressure leading to depression. However, this comes back to making it difficult to manage diabetes
Similar risk factors for depression in people with diabetes include family history, obesity, hypertension, inactivity, coronary artery disease...

3. Symptoms of depression

A diabetic patient who shows symptoms of depression will have the following symptoms: tired body, constant insomnia, loss of appetite, irritability, depression memory, intentions, suicidal behavior, ...

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- Body fatigue: As the first signs of depression, the person lacks in flexibility, displays limited emotions, often thinks alone, especially in patients with unstable blood sugar.

- Frequent insomnia: Diabetics have always been insomnia due to frequent urination, nocturia. They are very difficult subjects to get into a deep sleep, often need about 2-3 hours in bed to sleep. On average, they only sleep 3-4 hours a night, and it is difficult to sleep again.

- Irritability abnormally: Psychological instability makes people with diabetes very frustrated, angry. Many times there are unusual behaviors such as suddenly wanting to do something that has never been done before. In general, they have psychological changes, acting very erratically.

- Anorexia, poor appetite: This is the cause of diabetes patients very thin because they can not eat or eat not appetizing, leading to anorexia. However, there are many cases of obesity, overweight in diabetes.

- Memory loss: Memory impairment is an indispensable manifestation of both depression and diabetes in general. They often don't pay attention, focus on something. On the other hand, these patients with poor memory, forget fast and don't remember what they said before, confusing events. They often forget their work to do.

- Suicidal intent and behavior: Suicidal intent is quite common in patients with diabetes. Due to pessimism, dejection that he is a burden for his family, patients want to die to end. However, suicidal behavior is much rarer, meaning that diabetic patients rarely commit suicide.

4. Some treatment solutions

For patients with depression, drug therapy is not sufficient to combine with psychotherapy and the support of their family members. When treated with medication, combined with counseling, or psychotherapy will help patients control both diseases simultaneously. Your doctor will assist you in the recovery process, so do not hesitate to consult a doctor or specialist.

Choose the sports exercises

Psychological improvement: Psychology is the main factor that causes diabetics to suffer from depression. Therefore, when the psychological factors, cognitive behavior, and individual treatment are improved, the patient's condition will improve. There are many outpatient treatment programs available until the symptoms improve so that the patient should participate.

However, patients need to adjust their psychology first to achieve good results during treatment. Positive thinking, optimism, stress reduction,... will help control blood sugar better.

Some supplements: Treatment with medication helps to reduce symptoms significantly. However, there will be side effects that may be not good for people with diabetes. Using a supplement from 100% natural like forest bitter melon capsule to support treatment effectively.

Lifestyle changes: A healthy lifestyle, science will help the spirit of excitement, optimism, enjoy life. As a first step, people should eat a lot of healthy foods like fruits and vegetables - foods low in sugar and low in fat.

Regular exercise helps reduce symptoms of depression. Exercise promotes happy hormones in the brain, stimulates new brain cells to grow, helps with weight loss, lowers blood sugar, and boosts energy and endurance. At the same time, exercise helps you sleep better at night, avoid insomnia.

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