Mudaru Forest Bitter Melon Takes Care of Everything from Raw Materials to Products

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With the criterion “Original at all", we strictly control from materials to production. Only the sun, the wind, and the rains raise the forest bitter melon trees, with the hands of the farmers who take care of them every day, no chemical fertilizers, no pesticides, and no growth stimulants. And we - TNB Vietnam, are proud to bring Mudaru products for everyone.

Mudaru forest Bitter melon material area

Raw material areas
 The soil in the material areas has been improved by organic methods for many years. Regularly adding organic matter to ensure nutrition.
 Water is stored in a system of reservoirs that surround the planting area to remove chemicals and control quality.
 Planting areas are isolated from other cultivation areas by systems of ponds, dikes, and fences. Ensure air is not contaminated with toxic substances from nearby areas.
 Only use manure that has undergone composting and treatment. Combined with organic fertilizers branded from Japan.
 Do not use chemical pesticides. Only use probiotics from natural herbs such as garlic, wine, chili, ginger, pepper...

mudaru forest bitter melon tea

Process materials
After harvesting, fruits and leaves will be processed:
 After sorting, raw materials are transferred to the washing stage. Washing aims to remove impurities, dirt, sand, and soil around the material while reducing a large number of microorganisms in the material. Water is ensured to be clean according to the prescribed standards.
 After washing, the material is cut to a uniform size to ensure that the drying will ensure the moisture is uniform.
 Raw materials are dried in a natural house drying system. It is not exposed to the sun, so it protects against harmful UV rays and air grime. The moisture is even and guaranteed at 10%.
 Raw materials after drying to 10% moisture will be packed into airtight containers and shipped to the factory.

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TNB Vietnam's products are manufactured on modern technologies that meet GOOD MANUFACTURING PRACTICE standards recommended by the World Health Organization (GMP-WHO).
With a team of experienced Herbalists and Pharmacists based on advanced manufacturing processes, we ensure high quality, safe and effective products.

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