The Best Forest Bitter Melon Recipes

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The forest bitter melon grows naturally in the forest of Vietnam, with a small shape, the largest fruit only as of the forefoot. This is a small type of vines, often crawling on the ground or climbing the trunk of larger trees. The tree has yellow flowers, small fruits, often with thorns. Forest bitter melon usually has strings, leaves, flowers, and fruits smaller than the bitter melon commonly, but the taste is bitter and harder to eat.

Forest bitter melon is not only a vegetable that can be processed into many different dishes but also a medicine with many important pharmacological properties. With the following ways of the cooking forest bitter melon, you not only have delicious food but also avoid being bored that contains protective and health-promoting properties.

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You can refer to some of the following simple dishes:

Boiled: take leaves to make raw vegetables, or can prune through the boiling water. However, it is a bit bitter and difficult to eat. If you can eat normal bitter melon, it is entirely possible to eat forest bitter melon and feel the taste is better than the bitter melon.

You can use leaves and buds to make soup. You can cook with the pork ribs, or beef, there are very good cooling properties.

Stir-fry: forest bitter melon sliced, and fried with eggs, with protein component capable of reducing excess fat, also support for weight loss.

Forest bitter melon can be sauteed with other vegetables, or pepper, or stuffed with a soup.

Forest bitter melon can be dipped in boiling water and eaten with hotpot.

1. Forest bitter melon mix with water dropwort

Forest bitter melon mixed with water dropwort may be a little strange for some people. To make this dish, you need about 150g of forest bitter melon and 150g of water dropwort, add sesame sauce, finely chopped garlic.

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To prepare, you first need to wash, cut into small fibers, blanch through the boiling water and put in cold water to quickly take out. After being drained, the forest bitter melon will be mixed with water dropwort, seasoning to taste. This dish can both help cool the liver and reduce blood pressure, people with high blood pressure should use regularly.

2. Forest bitter melon stuffed with meat/strabismus fish

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Surely this dish is too familiar to us because the bitter melon stuffed with delicious meat has the effect of cooling off, detoxifying and nourishing the body. The ingredients used for this dish are pork or minced fish, mushrooms, pepper, onions, spices, then bruised inside the forest bitter melon, stew until soft and enjoy.

3. Forest bitter melon cook with brine with pork

If you are fed up with the poached egg or pepper you can make forest bitter melon with brine with pork. 

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Forest bitter melon wash and process first.

Pork washed thoroughly with saltwater and cut pieces about 5-6 cm (you can cut large or small pieces depending on the taste of your family). Mix meat with 2 tablespoons fish sauce, 2 tablespoons seasoning powder, pepper, chopped shallots, and 1/2 teaspoon of cooking oil for 10-15 minutes. Then cooking forest bitter melon and meat mix above until you see it can enjoy.

4. Make pickles

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Forest bitter melon washed, process as under picture. Soak forest bitter melon through saltwater to reduce the bitterness, then wash again, drain. Add vinegar, white sugar, and salt to boil. Put forest bitter melon into glass jars, pour water mix above to cover the face, and after 5-7 days, you can enjoy.

The food made from forest bitter melon is very unique, hopefully, you will make your favorite food from forest bitter melon. It is not only is a nutritious food but it also supports treatment for diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure ...


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