Three Support Treatment Naturally Options For Diabetes

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What is diabetes?

Diabetes, also known as diabetes mellitus, is a chronic disease with high blood sugar levels and the body's inability to regulate blood sugar levels back to normal. The high sugar level always causes the risk of cardiovascular disease, damage to other organs such as eyes, kidneys, nerves and other serious diseases.

diabetes and mudaru forest bitter melon

The cause of diabetes:
• Sedentary, frequently sitting.
• Overweight and obesity.
• Unscientific diet, lots of red meat, lots of sugar, lots of starch, high fat.
• Due to genetics.
• Due to the influence of pathologies such as gastritis, colds, effects of surgery, trauma.
Below are three ways to improve diabetes naturally:

1. Treat diabetes with young mango leaves
According to the Center of Biotechnology at Anna University (India), mango leaves slow down the absorption of glucose in the intestine, increase glycogen synthesis in the liver, help stabilize postprandial blood sugar and fasting blood sugar.
According to research, mango leaves have a very low glycemic index, which contains ingredients that reduce cholesterol. Mango leaves are also rich in vitamins B, C, A and because they contain flavonoids and phenols, mango leaves have strong antioxidant properties. Therefore, using mango leaves will not increase blood sugar.

mango leaf and Mudaru forest bitter melon
If you use mango leaves and the right diet, your diabetes will definitely improve.
• Wash 5 mango leaves, drain, cut the thread, and then put in a clean cup.
• Pour 300ml boiling water, cover tightly and leave overnight.
• Every morning, drink a cup of mango leaf juice, use it regularly and continuously for best results.
Note: Mango leaf juice and adjuvant medication should be taken every 2 to 3 hours to avoid affecting the effectiveness of the drug.

2. Using Forest Bitter Melon
According to traditional medicine, bitter melon is bitter, welding, non-toxic, has the effect of clearing heat, eliminating poison, eliminating troubles, eliminating phlegm, cutting cough in lung disease. According to the research results in the world and Asian traditional medicine, bitter melon can effectively prevent, limit and support the treatment of diabetes.
Forest Bitter Melon leaf has long been used as a vegetable, leaf rhizome has been used as a tranquilizer for women during childbirth. The water of the bitter melon helps to detoxify and prevent tetanus for women after giving birth or miscarriage.

trai kho qua rung tuoi
Tips: With many uses, the use of bitter melon to cure diseases also has many ways:
• Eat raw: Washed, seeded and sliced bitter melon and then eaten raw as a green vegetable.
• Cooking: Forest bitter melon can be processed with different dishes, in addition, it can be pressed or ground into a smoothie and enjoyed.
• Drinking forest bitter melon tea: instead of regular teas, you can drink forest bitter melon tea. The simple and effective way to save processing time is suitable for busy people. You can refer to the Mudaru Forest Bitter Melon.

3. Garlic
According to scientific research, garlic contains Phytoncid and yellow activity, acts as an antibiotic that helps kill bacteria, boost immunity, prevent and support diabetes treatment. Using garlic can help boost free-release insulin in the blood, aiding in the metabolism of glucose in helping to reduce blood sugar and urine.

garlic can improve diabetes with Mudaru Forest Bitter Melon
How to use with garlic:
• Prepare 40g of dried garlic and 100ml of 50-degree sticky rice wine
• Peel the garlic and chop into small glass jars
• Put the prepared glutinous rice wine into a glass jar, soak until the garlic changes color from white to yellow and use.
• For garlic to infuse evenly into the wine, soak the bottle occasionally, shaking gently.
Use 1 teaspoon of garlic wine daily.
Use 2 times/day in the morning and evening, do not drink much because it is easy to affect the stomach.

Source: TNB Vietnam

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