Unable To Fall Asleep? Try These Teas To Fight Sleeplessness

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After a long day, it can be hard to wind down and turn off your brain at bedtime. Between your big work presentation, your kid’s science project and the laundry piling up, you may have trouble de-stressing to fall to sleep. While there are many different ways to help you relax and unwind after a long day (or a week, or month), have you ever thought about adding tea to your nighttime routine?

The ingredients in tea can help you sleep and the methodical process of making tea can help you destress and create a nighttime routine to promote deeper, better rest. Just be careful, because different types of tea contain varying amounts of caffeine, making some better than others to drink before bed. We’re breaking down what types of tea to drink at night and tea’s effect on the way you fall (and stay) asleep.

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Herbal teas are brewed exactly in the same way as tea, but they are actually not considered as teas, but ’tisanes’.

All herbal teas will help you: achieve a more calm and relaxed state of mind, cleanse your body, promote your overall energy and wellness and relieve yourself from too much stress. However, some of them are known for treating successfully at some rate certain health conditions.

But which herbal tea should you choose?

1. Forest Bitter Melon Tea

Forest bitter melon is quite strange to everyone, but it is highly appreciated in Eastern and Western medicine, especially the amazing uses brought to people with diabetes. Forest bitter melon helps to purify and detoxify the body, reduce blood sugar effectively, reduce the risk of diabetes complications up to 40%. In addition, forest bitter melon is used for beauty such as forest bitter melon mask, weight loss… if people have a problem with sleep, using forest bitter melon tea will help sleep well.

forest bitter melon tea how to make mudaru forest bitter melon

Also, in various studies, it has been shown that when taken regularly, forest bitter melon improves your overall sleep quality. If you start drinking forest bitter melon tea often, you might notice that it is easier for you to fall asleep, that you are waking up more rested and that you don’t wake up during the night any longer.

2. Chamomile Tea
It is the tea you would get suggested as a herbal sleep aid. In fact, it is a mild tranquilizer and can be helpful in treating insomnia.

chamomile tea

But what are its calming properties due to? Well, the reason chamomile is so effective in making you fall asleep is the antioxidant called apigenin. This antioxidant calms the receptors of the brain and as a result, helps in decreasing anxiety and initiating sleep. This is what makes chamomile a great, but mild sedative to bring you to your sleep.

3. Lavender Tea
Lavender is a herb that has been used since ancient times for scenting the homes. It was usually found in baths or bedrooms because of its soothing and calming fragrance. But, lavender is not only a great sent with calming effects, it can also be used as a herbal tea that will promote relaxation and better sleep. This powerful herb will achieve it in several ways.

lavender flower tea 1

First of all, lavender decreases anxiety which will inevitably help people that suffer from anxiety-induced sleep disorders. On the other hand, it will help you have a good, restorative sleep and regulate your heart’s rate while asleep.

4. Green tea

Green tea (especially decaf) contains theanine, which can help you feel calm at bedtime. However, regular green tea does contain caffeine, so be careful if you’re sensitive to it.

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 5. Peppermint tea

Peppermint tea is another great herbal tea option for nighttime drinking. It has little to no caffeine and can help settle your stomach, too.

peppermint tea

You might have a good, healthy sleep and you might even not have problems falling asleep. But even the most regular sleepers sometimes have a bad day that sways them off the track. It might be a stressful day at work, a fight with your loved ones, or a hectic situation with your friends that caused you to feel so anxious.

If you’re among people that value their sleep the most then you don’t want to disrupt anything from having your most healthy and high-quality sleep, right? So when these situations happen, what do you do? Our suggestion is to try to relax by some of your preferred methods, and have a cup of tea!

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