What are common flaws, negative aspects, or signs of low quality in tea?

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A more complete explanation negative aspects wheel, would be more in-depth and interesting than what I’ll cover here, related to tea. I can definitely shed light on personal experience related to negative aspects in tea though, I just can’t trace most of them back to specific original material limitations, processing flaws, or storage condition flaws.


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Storage related: This is too broad a subject to get far with, but a sample of a few issues will help.

Green tea losing it’s initial freshness comes up relatively quickly. To some extent this applies to other tea types as well, with differing levels of aging or air contact, or storage conditions issues affecting types differently. Black teas tend to endure normal amounts of age and storage contact fairly well.

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Some teas improve with age, under the right conditions. That brings up a continuum of what is optimum for conditions.

Temperature is a factor but per some test-result input even storing teas “hot”. An interesting case occurs related to storage at a too-wet threshold, with teas becoming musty, tasting like damp basement.

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