What are some interesting facts about forest bitter melon?

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Some interesting & little known facts about forest bitter melon are :

1- Traditional health care medicines using bitter gourd relates back (about 600 years) to ancient times.

 2- Forest bitter melon, with scientific name “momordica charantia” is one of the nearly 40 related species native to tropical Africa.

 wild bitter melon mudaru 1

3- The plant is a creeper heaving both male & female, yellow coloured flowers and only the female flowers yield the bitter gourds.

4- The beginning stage, green & small size forest bitter melon are edible. The bitterness increases on further growth and ageing till the colour changes to bright orange. Next, the forest bitter melon tears open exposing the seeds covered by a shiny red film, which is sweet in taste.

wild bitter melon

5- The seeds are said to be quite mildly poisonous.

6- The forest bitter melon is also known by hundreds of other names like - thorn melon, balsam pear, balsam apple, balsam, balsambirne, bitter melon, bitterapple, bitter squash, African cucumber, wild cucumber, carilla fruit, garilla gourd, chinli-chih, Pu-Tao, vegetable insulin, sorosi, karela (in hindi), etc.

Fresh forest bitter melon mudaru

7- Alcoholic hangover:
The hangover after alcohol consumption due to alcoholic intoxication is said to be reduced by bitter gourd juice. It helps detoxifying the liver.

Besides, Forest Bitter Melon with 100% natural. It’s ingredient have a detoxifying and cooling effect. Beside, Forest Bitter Melon helps stabilize blood sugar in the treatment of diabetes, stabilize blood pressure and weight loss.

Source: TNB Vietnam

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