What Are The Health Benefits of Forest Bitter Melon?

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Forest bitter melon is a plant belonging to the cucurbits family that grows wild in tropical countries like Vietnam, China, India, Caribbean ... The Vietnamese have grown them as a natural vegetable, serving normal meals and supporting the treatment of a number of diseases.

chua viem hong bang hat kho qua

If you want to learn more about the effects of forest bitter melon and how to use it effectively in some specific cases, you can find useful information in the following article:

1. Effects of forest bitter melon in life

It is no coincidence that a plant from the forest is brought to grow in the garden because only the foods that bring good effects are favored. Forest bitter melon is the clearest proof of that. Compared with the nutrient content and preventive and therapeutic effects, it is clear that forest bitter melon is located in a "higher level" than completely with normal bitter melon (which has been crossbred and planted popularly). Some uses of forest bitter melon are as follows:

a. Uses of forest bitter melon in the life
In daily life, forest bitter melon is used very popular, surpassing the ordinary bitter melon grown widely in all regions of Vietnam. Originally a nutritious plant, the forest bitter melon can be used to make dishes.

You can process the forest bitter melon into attractive dishes such as stir-frying with eggs, making misery through stuffed meat, forest bitter melon soup, forest bitter melon juice ... Thanks to the natural and cool bitterness water, hard brittle "thorny" so when eating misery through the forest, the feeling will be much more delicious than ordinary bitter melon (many people call bitter melon, oval, round and stout).

muop dang 1

b. What diseases forest bitter melon can treat?
Forest bitter melon also brings a lot of uses to health. Not only is prevention, in some cases, it can also treat dangerous diseases with the same pharmacological effects as traditional medicine.

Do many people still wonder what is the use of forest bitter melon?

Diabetes, high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, insomnia, body heat, liver enzymes - high blood fat, gout, hemorrhoids, psoriasis, abdominal pain, fungal skin infections, fever, etc. can all be cured if You know how to use forest bitter melon as directed (can be combined with some special medicines, and apply a healthy lifestyle).

2. Scientific studies on the effects of forest bitter melon in the world:

To evaluate the pharmacological effects of forest bitter melon and the practical use of this plant for each disease, scientists have implemented many research programs. Some important projects with satisfactory results include:

a. Research on diabetes treatment effects of forest bitter melon:

+ A 1962 study (Lolitkar and Rao), 1981 (Visarata and Ungsurungsie) on diabetic rabbits showed that forest bitter melon can help lower blood sugar and increase insulin sensitivity.

muop dang rung tri tieu duong Satish M Lotlikar

Satish M Lotlikar - India - who studied the use of forest bitter melon for diabetes

+ Research in Germany, China, Australia showed that forest bitter melon forest effectively control diabetes because they contain 4 compounds that activate enzymes that transport glucose from the bloodstream into cells, support transfer blood sugar.

+ Human and animal studies in many other countries show that when injecting the forest bitter melon extract into type 1 diabetics, after 30 minutes, blood sugar levels decreased significantly by 21.5%, and decreased by 28% after 4-12 hours compared with baseline blood levels.

+ Testing with type 2 diabetes also shows similar results. Specifically, in 2 cases, people who drank forest bitter melon tea (100g forest bitter melon + 200ml boiled to 100ml) after 21 days reduced 54% of sugar level and HbA1c concentration from 8.37 decreased to 6.95. In the second case, taking 5g of dried forest bitter melon powder (3 times a day), after the equivalent time, reducing 25% of sugar level.

Forest bitter melon forest support diabetes treatment still many scientists in the world take as the research topic.

3. Should we eat forest bitter melon regularly?
Currently in Vietnam, forest bitter melon has become a familiar food, regularly appearing in daily meals. However, to use forest bitter melon to achieve positive effects on health, users need to follow certain principles in the treatment of diseases.

The most important thing to make good use of the benefits of forest bitter melon is to use it in a methodical, dose-based manner. For example, every day you should only use about 3-5g dry forest bitter melon to cook drinking water to treat diabetes, or a week to cook forest bitter melon 3 times a dish with a variety of processing forms.

In fact, in the course of treatment, patients need to use forest bitter melon regularly as directed. However, if you only use forest bitter melon as a health food, you should use it in the schedule, so as not to be bored and not adversely affect the body due to overuse.

4. Who should use & should not use forest bitter melon?
Forest bitter melon is very good and is known as a valuable remedy of nature with many extremely good uses for health. However, the product is still contraindicated for certain subjects. If you are in the group should not use it, it is best to avoid eating/drinking:

- People should not use:
+ Pregnant women and postpartum

+ People often have a headache or chronic headache, sensitive body

+ People with hypotension

+ People with digestive disorders due to cold

+ People with kidney disease

- People who should use:
+ People with type 1 diabetes and type 2, who are at risk of diabetes

+ Patients with high blood pressure, cardiovascular

+ People who are obese, want to lose weight

+ People with blood fat, high cholesterol

+ Patients with elevated liver enzymes

+ People with gout, osteoarthritis pain

+ People often lose sleep, difficulty sleeping, tired body

+ People want to improve skin, hair, body care ...

The use of forest bitter melon on these patients has been mentioned and recognized by many medical journals. However, even if you are subject to use, then you should also consider the dosage because if abused, forest bitter melon may be the cause of increasing symptoms such as headache, diarrhea...

5. The ways to use forest bitter melon to promote use:

Cook dishes from the forest bitter melon

Forest bitter melon processed into super delicious food because it is more crunchy than a normal bitter melon. If you want to maintain good health or use this food to treat illnesses, try to prepare dishes from forest bitter melon full of rich flavors.

Nhung mon an ngon tu kho qua rung 6

Some very attractive dishes in the style of Vietnamese cuisine such as forest bitter melon put in meat, hot pot through strabismus fish, fried chicken hearts with forest bitter melon, forest bitter melon fried with eggs, forest bitter melon salad with shrimp...

Making forest bitter melon tea:
The use of dried forest bitter melon is good for health. If you want to use this food regularly with a quick method instead of cooking, you can make it into a tea to drink regularly.

forest bitter melon tea how to make mudaru forest bitter melon

How to make forest bitter melon tea?
- Wash 1 kg of forest bitter melon
- Cut forest bitter melon into thin slices about 1.5-2mm thick (can remove seeds or leave the whole grain)
- Arrange the slices of forest bitter melon on a clean tray, dry 1 to 2 times of sunshine.

- Forest bitter melon dried put in the pan and stir until the slices turn light brown. You should preserve in the refrigerator, use gradually for 2 months.

- When used, take a few slices of forest bitter melon in a hot teapot and drink 1-2 cups a day. You can add ice, honey or natural sweetener to enhance the taste. Apart from the forest bitter melon, you can also take advantage of all the other parts of the tree to make tea such as roots, strings, leaves ...

Use forest bitter melon capsule
Many people cannot eat forest bitter melon because of the bitter taste (even after making tea, adding honey ...). Therefore, they often accept to ignore the option of using forest bitter melon as a valuable remedy. This is really a pity, but now you can completely overcome it easily because today forest bitter melon has been formulated into capsules.

mudaru bitter melon 90 capsule 4 optimized

When using the products from the forest bitter melon, you do not need to worry about the taste problem, because they are completely non-bitter, only faintly smell of gentle herbal. There are quite a few suppliers on this market, but if you choose to use, you should consider finding a reputable manufacturer/supplier.
You can take advantage of the forest bitter melon as Mudaru brand!



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