Customer’s stories and Mudaru forest bitter melon

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Today, I will share with you about customer’s stories:

Ms. Man had 40 years old, She are working at Soc Trang Television, her job is very busy, insomnia and high blood pressure.

She talk to me that:

One day, Dad told me, "If you go to the market, buy Forest bitter melon!" After reading on news, I found out that Forest bitter melon has the following uses:

  1. Contains a lot of nutrients, has a purifying effect on the body.
  2. Detoxify the body, reduce pimples, help skin become brighter, smoother.
  3. Stabilizing blood sugar, stabilizing blood pressure helps reduce the risk of diabetes and blood fat complications.
  4. Especially, very good for people with high liver enzymes, insomnia.

forest bitter melon 1

Going to the market to find and find a small amount of Forest bitter melon, excited to bring it comeback home and I met Business executive of TNB Vietnam Corporation.

She said: Forest bitter melon in the market is Forest bitter melon crossbred. Let's look at it 's thorny!

And then I cooked food for Dad and my family to have lunch

.... Review the wonderful uses of forest bitter melon I started to think because I had 40 years old, working at Soc Trang TV, very busy, insomnia and high blood pressure; My niece is very pretty, but her face has a lot of pimples, the doctor said "due to hormonal changes and due to heat in the body, dirty liver, there are many boils on the skin"

Blood lipid disorders Mudaru

I know that chemical medicine can only treat acute, cosmetics are only applied outside.

Grandparents once said: Eastern medicine has always been the root of treatment, especially natural fresh vegetables, without chemical fertilizers.
I have just seen a new article posted: It’s hot people are looking to buy forest bitter melon So I want to buy forest bitter melon too because I believe everyone understands the uses of this vegetable. But how to find the right forest bitter melon?

As a charm, today I saw Business executive of TNB Vietnam Corporation again. I was surprised to see that her skin was getting brighter and smoother now. I praised and knew I was curious, she boasted: "Thanks to I drinking forest bitter melon tea. “Forest bitter melon tea? Once again I wake up in my mind, so it's good. So I decided to ask her to buy a few boxes to use.

tui loc 25 2

Do you know? Forest bitter melon tea is very convenient. Every morning, my father could make a hot pot of tea as a habit and sit to enjoy the bitter taste of the tea, but his spirit was refreshed, maybe it worked for his health because he was high blood pressure. As for me and my husband, after meditating, I soaked a filter bag in hot water and the couple enjoyed tea while talking about the work of the day. My health and sleeplessness gradually improved, my blood pressure was stable. So does my niece, she can also make a cup of tea in a porcelain cup to keep warm while studying, while relaxing and detoxing the body, the boils gradually disappear and the skin is brighter. 

Especially now I no longer have the effort to buy forest bitter melon, sit and cut each slice, dry it, then bring it again. I still have plenty of time to meditate and read in the morning.

Thank you Business executive of TNB Vietnam Corporation!

Thanks for Mudaru Forest bitter melon!

If you have relatives same symptoms as mentioned above or you want to experience the use of Forest bitter melon without spending a lot of time buying and processing, you can contact her!

She is willing to help you as her relatives. I believe that!

Source: TNB Vietnam

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