Forest Bitter Melon supports diabetes treatment

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Forest Bitter Melon supports diabetes treatment

Diabetes is a metabolic disorder of carbohydrate, fat, and protein when the insulin hormone is missing or reduced in the body, manifested by consistently high blood sugar levels. In the early stages, patients often urinate, urinate at night and make them feel thirsty. Diabetes is one of the main causes of many serious diseases, typically coronary heart disease, stroke, blindness, kidney failure, impotence, gangrene...

According to the research of endocrinologists and scientists at Garvan Medical Research Institute (Australia) and Shanghai Institute of Medicine (China), charantin, polypeptid-P and vicine are found in the forest bitter melon. Theequivalent effect Insulinand plays a role in reducing blood sugar, improving and inhibiting glucose tolerance of cells, thereby stabilizing blood sugar and preventing the development and complications of diabetes. The research has been successfully applied in experimental mice and achieved high results in a group of people with type 2 diabetes.

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Diabetes has two main types of disease: Type 1- the pancreas doesn't secrete insulin, and type 2- is caused by insulin secretion or insulin resistance.

Type 1 diabetes

Approximately 5-10% of all patients with type 1 diabetes, the majority occur in children and young people (under 20 years old). Symptoms usually start suddenly and progress quickly. The full-on phase has absolute insulin, therefore it causes hyperglycemia increasing and infected ceton.

The typical symptoms of type 1 diabetes are a lot of eating, a lot of drinking, a lot of urine, and blurred vision, and paresthesia and weight loss, children delays and susceptible to infections. The amount of urine is usually 3-4 liters or more in 24 hours. When urine dry, it often leaves stains or white patches. Nocturnal enuresis due to polyuria may be a sign of the onset of diabetes in young children.

Type 2 diabetes

Type 2 diabetes accounts for about 90-95% of the total number of patients with diabetes, most often in their over 40 years old, but more recently appears in 30 years old, even teenagers. Patients often have few symptoms and are usually only detected by the symptoms of complications, or only discovered when having blood tests or when there are complications such as myocardial infarction, stroke.When prolonged skin infection; female patients often experience vaginal itching due to vulvar fungal infection; male patients with impotence.

Forest Bitter Melon and type 2 diabetes

Forest bitter melon has cooling properties, bitter taste, and non-toxic. Forest bitter melon not only brings many health benefits but also has good prevention and support for the treatment of type 2 diabetes.

The substances in the bitter melon increase the oxidation of glucose, prevent the absorption of glucose into cells, and inhibit the activity of glucose synthesis enzymes. There is also a biological effect like insulin, helping the body to increase insulin, very good for type 2 diabetics.

Forest bitter melon can be used all the strings, roots, leaves, fruits and then washed, dried to drink. It is a completely non-hydrophobic drug. You can use forest bitter melon to cook as many dishes as possible, helping to stabilize blood sugar.

Forest Bitter Melon Mudaru tea is produced as the strictly tested process from experts. The products very good for patients with type 2 diabetes, high fever, dry mouth, thirsty throat...

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