Return and refund policy

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Return policy, resolve disputes and complaints at MUDARU are part of TNB Vietnam's regulations on e-commerce activities, fully meet the provisions of relevant laws and comply with Decree 52/2013/ND-CP of the Government of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam.


Information on the date of manufacture and shelf life of the product is listed on each product provided by TNB Vietnam. Products belonging to the food group and supplements will not have a warranty policy. All products provided by TNB Vietnam are issued with a circulation license, full stamps and invoices. If the product you have received is not in accordance with the information provided on MUDARU, please contact (+84) 292-3525-008 to return or exchange, TNB will refund the full amount of the deposit or the customer may refuse receive goods for out-of-province delivery orders.

Customers have purchased goods, can return within three (03) days of receipt of goods. Returned products must be intact, unopened, and not damaged. Shipping costs incurred by the customer.


TNB receives complaints in the following forms:

At the website through comment channels, through the support numbers: (+84) 292-3525-008, Via email: mudaru(at)tnbgroup.vn or directly at TNB's agent stores.

TNB respects and strictly complies with the provisions of the law on protecting the rights of buyers (consumers). Therefore, products provided by TNB must be complete, accurate, truthful and detailed with information related to the product. The settlement of complaints is based on agreement and negotiation of related parties.