11 Foods to Avoid With Diabetes

11 Foods to Avoid With Diabetes

Overweight or Obesity is the health condition where the amount of fat in the body accumulates so much that it causes bad effects on health. It is determined by the BMI (body mass index) and furthermore is judged by the fat distribution through waist-hip ratio and total cardiovascular risk factors. BMI is closely related to body fat percentage and total body fat. In the forest bitter melon contains antioxidants, help oxidize glucose, prevent the absorption of glucose into cells, inhibit the activity of glucose synthesis enzymes, reduce blood fat, balance blood pressure - is a food not indispensable in the weight loss menu. The World Health Organization defines obesity as excessive and abnormal fat accumulation in an area of the body or body that affects health. Obesity is a health condition with a nutritional cause. Usually, a healthy adult, with proper nutrition, their weight fluctuates within a certain limit. The recommended weight of each person is usually between 25-30 years old. Currently, the Worl

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