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Symptoms of Coronavirus - The signs you have Covid-19

Gout (French: goutte) is a type of arthritis, common in men. The majority of gout patients are diagnosed as middle-aged men with a history of the underlying disease and the majority of patients who drink alcohol regularly. The root cause of gout is genetic problems. So far, scientists have identified five genes associated with gout: HGPRT1, Glc6-phosphate in the liver and three genes PRPPs1, 2,3 in the testes. In gout, inflammation occurs due to small crystals of a substance called uric acid, which is the urate salt crystals. There is a risk of urate salt deposition if the uric acid level is high in the body. However, hyperuricemia and gout syndrome are two distinct issues, even if they are closely related. Uric acid is a waste product formed by the natural destruction of purines in the body (purines present in the body's cells). Eating habits, inappropriate nutrition habits not only increase the purine but also an incomplete source of metabolism creating countless free radicals, wandering around the body

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